Board of Directors

The University of Illinois Foundation Board of Directors is the governing body of our organization. The Board is responsible for identifying and supporting our mission and selecting our chief executive.

The Board consists of a regular membership of 18 to 24 elected directors, chosen by our nationwide membership. Once elected, a Board member serves as a regular director for a term of three years.

Board Meetings

The Board conducts its meetings a minimum of three times per year, one of which is held during the Foundation’s Annual Meeting in the fall. An Executive Committee consisting of five or more individuals elected from the Board’s overall membership provides general direction when the Board of Directors is not in session.

Conflict of Interest and Governing By Laws

The University of Illinois Foundation is governed by its by laws that are approved by its Board of Directors. The UIF Board also has a conflict of interest statement and disclosure form.

Standing Committees

In addition to an Executive Committee, the Board conducts much of its regular business through the following Standing Committees:

  • Development Committee—assists the Foundation in executing its responsibilities as the private fund raising arm of the University.
  • Budget and Finance Committee—advises the Treasurer and the Board on the general fiscal policy of the University of Illinois Foundation. This advisement includes a review of the operating budget and of financial transactions between the University of Illinois Foundation and the University. This committee includes at least three (3) Directors and the Treasurer as an ex-officio member.
  • Investment Policy Committeereviews and advises the Board regarding overall policy for investment of Foundation funds and performance of investment managers. The Committee includes at least three (3) Directors and the Treasurer as an ex-officio member.
  • Audit Committeereviews University of Illinois Foundation financial statements, methods of reporting, and accounting procedures. This committee may also recommend audits.
  • Membership and Governance Committee—handles the nomination, orientation and welcoming for new members and candidates for the Board of Directors, the Life Directors and Officers of the Board. The committee includes at least five Directors.
  • Stewardship Committee—is a standing committee which shall provide oversight involving the stewardship of donor funds. The Committee shall include at least five (5) Directors. The Chairman of the Audit Committee, Chairman of the Board, the Chair-Elect of the Board of Directors, the Foundation President and the Vice President for Academic Affairs shall serve as ex-officio members.

Officers of the Board

  • Chair of the Board
    Gregory B. Lykins ’69
    Chairman | First Busey Corporation
  • Chair Elect
    Alan D. Feldman ’74, ’76 MBA
    (Retired) Chairman, President & CEO | Midas, Inc.
  • Immediate Past Chair of the Board
    Roger L. Plummer ’64
    President | Plummer & Associates Consulting
  • Foundation President
    James H. Moore, Jr.
  • Secretary
    Jacquline N. Schweighart ’03, ’09 EdM
  • Treasurer
    Walter K. Knorr
  • Legal Counsel
    Wesley W. Curtis ’83, ’86 JD

Board of Directors

  • Anthony G. DiTommaso ’74, ’77 MS
    Managing Partner | Ecvall, LLC
  • Jane Phillips Donaldson ’65, ’67 MS
    Partner | Phillips Oppenheim
  • Laura L. Fraley ’77, ’79 MS
    Principal | Greenway Family Office, LLC
  • Juanita F. Francis ’70
    President | F2 Family Foundation
  • John A. Giuliani ’83
    President & CEO | Conversant, Inc.
  • Karen M. Golz ’76
    (Retired) Global Vice Chair | Ernst & Young Global Limited
  • Mary Kay Haben ’77
    (Retired) President, North America | William Wrigley Jr. Co.
  • G. Stephen Irwin ’77
    (Retired) President & Chairman | The Center for Outpatience Medicine
  • Mannie L. Jackson ’60
    (Former) Chairman | Harlem Globetrotters
  • Gail Veasman Kellogg ’65
    (Retired) Consultant | Hewitt Associates
  • Stuart L. Levenick ’76
    Retired Group President | Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Leon J. Loichle ’71 MA
    (Retired) Global Personnel Development Manager | Ford Motor Company
  • Jean M. Manning ’72, ’78 MBA, ’83 JD
    Emeritus Chief Counsel for Employment | United States Senate
  • Steven L. Miller ’67
    Chairman & President | SLM Discovery Ventures, Inc.
  • Richard C. Osborne ’73 MBA
    Senior Managing Director | Madison Industries
  • Saul J. Morse ’69, ’72 JD
    Attorney | Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP
  • Mark A. Pytosh ’86
    President & CEO | CVR GP, LLC
  • José L. Santillan ’80
    Senior Securities Compliance Examiner, Industry Expert, Division of Enforcement | U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Kay M. Schwichtenberg ’84
    President & CEO | Central Life Sciences
  • Khawar Siddique ’94, ’98 MD
    CEO | Beverly Hills Spine Surgery, Inc.
  • Paul T. Tucker ’70, ’71 MS, ’75 PhD
    Retired Corporate Vice President | Computer Sciences Corporation

Ex-Officio Directors

  • Timothy L. Killeen
    President | University of Illinois
  • William F. Stratton ’85
    Chair | University of Illinois Alumni Association

    Partner | White, Roberts & Stratton, Inc.
  • Timothy N. Koritz ’78 
    Chair | University of Illinois Board of Trustees
    Staff Anesthesiologist | OSF St. James Hospital, Pontiac IL

Life Directors

  • James M. Benson ’68
    Chairman | Benson Botsford, LLC
  • Gary K. Bielfeldt ’58, ’59 MS
    Managing Partner | Bielfeldt & Company LLC 
  • Henry B. Blackwell II ’52
    (Retired) Counsel | Baker & Daniels LLP
  • Alice C. Campbell ’43 JD
    (Retired) Treasurer | The Robert Campbell Company
  • Doris K. Christopher ’67
    Founder & Chairman | The Pampered Chef, Ltd.
  • Richard G. Cline ’57
    Chairman | Hawthorne Investors, Inc.
  • James R. DeBord ’69, ’71 MS, ’74 MD
    President | Peoria Surgical Group, Ltd.
  • David J. Downey ’63, ’66 JD
    President | The Downey Group, Inc.
  • W. Robert Felker ’74
    Partner | Gator Trading
  • Louis A. Friedrich ’67
    (Retired) Principal | Bernstein Global Wealth Management
  • John A. Georges ’51
    (Retired) Chairman & CEO | International Paper Company
  • Phillip C. Goldstick ’53
    (Retired) Chairman of the Board | G. Equity Investment Group Ltd.
  • Fred F. Guyton, Jr. ’61
    (Retired) Chairman | Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets, Inc.
  • Shahid R. Khan ’71
    President | Flex-N-Gate Corporation
  • Robert Klaus ’57
    President | Klaus Companies
  • R. Eden Martin ’62
    Of Counsel | Sidley Austin LLP
  • William C. Merchantz ’79
    (Retired) President & CEO | Lakeview Technology, Inc.
  • Joseph A. Piscopo ’65
    (Retired) Chairman | Pansophic Systems, Inc.
  • Gayl S. Pyatt ’64
    (Retired) Attorney | Gayl Simonds Pyatt Attorney at Law
  • Jane Hayes Rader ’54
    (Retired) Commissioner | Illinois Human Rights Commission
  • Edwin A. Scharlau II ’66, ’68 MS, ’74 PhD
    Vice Chairman | Busey Bank
  • George T. Shapland ’55
    President | Shapland Management Company
  • Bernard Shaw ’66
    (Retired) Principal Washington Anchor | CNN
  • Michael T. Tokarz ’71, ’73 MBA
    Chairman | The Tokarz Group, LLC
  • Carl L. Vacketta ’63, ’65 JD
    (Retired) Senior Counsel | DLA Piper LLP (U.S.)
  • Arthur R. Wyatt ’49, ’50 MS, ’53 PhD
    (Retired) Partner | Arthur Andersen & Co.