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Private support opportunities exist at each of our three campuses, and cover a range of priorities. One of the top priorities of the University is to increase its endowment, creating living legacies that span generations.

Determining which gift opportunities are best for your charitable interests and financial objectives is easy. Simply select a campus and submit your query. Or, enter a keyword into the priority search box below to perform a search. You’ll be provided with a listing of University support opportunities that have the greatest significance to you.

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You selected Springfield which returned 34 results.

Arts Programming: Springfield

UIS is broadening programming and offerings in the visual, music and theatre arts. UIS intends to strengthen the curriculum and co-curriculum in the visual and performing arts, add a bachelors degree in fine arts and expanded artist-in-residence programs and provide scholarships to attract students to these program, in addition to developing a master plan for the arts that would be implemented in the next five years. Cultural programming that is aligned with community interests is also in the works and a long-range plan for statues, monuments and a sculpture garden will be created.

Athletics Enhancement: Springfield

UIS Athletics initiatives include the addition of new sports that will enhance revenue, visibility and community support. Development funds are needed to secure an adequate number of athletic scholarships, create an academic advising unit for student-athletes and increase public visibility for programs and greater attendance at athletic events.

Brookens Library Enhancements: Springfield

The overriding strategic issue facing the Brookens Library is how, with limited financial resources, to provide excellent library resources and services to the growing student population that includes undergraduate and graduate students who may live on campus, commute, or receive their UIS education online. Funds are needed for both the renovation of Brookens Library and for the recurring costs associated with new staff, inflation in the prices of library resources, equipment replacement and software licenses. Recurring funding will also be required to insure the long-term viability of new library services.

Career Development Awards : Springfield

Career development awards are designed to recognize sustained, career-long accomplishments at UIS in teaching and scholarship.

Center for Entrepreneurship : Springfield

The Center for Entrepreneurship within the College of Business and Management at UIS was established through a recent partnership with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. The Center was created in an effort to continue and boost entrepreneurship and economic growth in the central Illinois region.

Center for Geographic Information Systems Applications: Springfield

GIS is a powerful technology that allows the mapping and analysis of various data. GIS has become more and more valuable in the governmental, academic and private sectors by combining, managing and analyzing information. The GIS Center at UIS will house a special laboratory for trainings, cross-disciplinary education, research and collaboration and will enhance teaching and learning for UIS faculty, students and staff.

Center for Online Learning, Research and Service: Springfield

Online activities at UIS are continually expanding to build exciting new collaborations among educational institutions, government agencies and businesses around the globe. Support for online activities and the establishment of a Center at UIS, will inform, empower, assist and support faculty in the delivery of courses, degrees and certificate programs through the Internet.

Center for State Policy and Leadership Endowment Fund: Springfield

The Center is a campus level, interdisciplinary public policy center that is the primary vehicle for carrying out UIS' public affairs and outreach missions. The Center will be an essential partner with academic units in the development and the delivery of the public affairs activities, public policy forums, lecture series, internship opportunities and policy research that will provide structure and content for the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience component of our new general education curriculum. Support is needed to provide more lectureships, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Civic Engagement Initiative: Springfield

The College of Public Affairs & Administration will promote an enjoyable and supportive learning community that produces engaged and informed citizens. Our public affairs initiatives will make a positive contribution to our community through the application of expertise to significant issues of public policy and by nurturing the desire for civic engagement to achieve positive social change. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and outside partners will have opportunities to enhance their personal growth, social capital, support networks, networking opportunities and extracurricular programming.

Day Care Center Observation/Therapy Room: Springfield

Funds are needed to add an Observation/Therapy Room at UIS' Cox Child Care Center. The Center is licensed through the State of Illinois and holds voluntary accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Downstate Illinois Innocence Project: Springfield

This project has a two-part mission: to provide assistance to attorneys representing downstate Illinois inmates convicted of crimes they did not commit and to prevent conviction of innocent persons in the future. The project goals are the exoneration of innocent persons convicted of felony crimes in downstate Illinois, and the reform of the criminal justice system through the education of students, citizens and policy-makers about problems, causes and possible reforms to prevent conviction of the innocent. Based upon its previous work, the project is poised to receive national recognition.

Emiquon Wetlands Restoration Project: Springfield

The Emiquon Wetlands Restoration Project, 7,000 acres along the Illinois River, is the largest of its kind in the U.S. Through a partnership with The Nature Conservancy, UIS provides and oversees education and research opportunities at Emiquon. Emiquon attracts students and professionals worldwide with an interest in ecology, biology, anthropology, history, science and the environment. Currently, a Field Station donated by the Conservancy, is undergoing renovation to house both on-site and online interdisciplinary studies, as well as community outreach, K-12 and public awareness activities.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships: Springfield

UIS attracts teacher-scholars through distinguished professorships and distinguished chairs. These opportunities allow professors to continue their research, which solidly impacts teaching and makes invaluable contributions to the world. Opportunities are available in all colleges at UIS: College of Business and Management; College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; College of Public Affairs and Administration; and the College of Education and Human Services

Experiential and Service Learning Institute: Springfield

UIS has a 35-year history of incorporating experiential learning into undergraduate education. Support for experiential and service learning at UIS will expand internship and volunteer opportunities for students (state, national, international) and help establish a future Institute focused on fostering scholarly investigation of experiential and service learning and promoting best practices to colleagues at other institutions.

Faculty Research Support: Springfield

Scholarly research plays a critical role in the development of faculty. Support is needed to promote program/course development, provide additional faculty fellowships and fund specific research programs.

Globalizing the Liberal Arts: Springfield

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is becoming a model in globalizing the curriculum and in preparing citizens for lifelong learning and effective participation in an interdependent, diverse and rapidly changing world. It does this by drawing on existing strengths in study abroad and a general education curriculum with comparative and international perspectives, as well as emerging online partnerships with selected="true" colleges and universities in other countries.

Graduate Assistantships: Springfield

To recruit and retain the best and brightest students for research purposes, UIS needs to be able to stay competitive and offer more graduate student fellowships and assistantships.

Graduate Fellowships: Springfield

To recruit and retain the best and brightest students for research purposes, UIS needs to be able to stay competitive and offer more graduate student fellowships and assistantships.

Homeland Security-Emergency Preparedness: Springfield

The new millennium sees a renewed federal, state and local focus on building capacity to anticipate, prepare and respond to emergencies of all types, including those related to natural disasters and homeland security. With a heritage of public affairs activities and strong graduate programs addressing the principles of preparedness and security, UIS is uniquely positioned to help train local and first responders and administrators to build solid programs in emergency preparedness and homeland security.

Illinois Democracy Project: Springfield

By establishing the Illinois Democracy Project, the UIS Center for State Policy and Leadership will provide an institutional framework and an umbrella for a broad set of activities and research projects developed around the theme of renewing, revitalizing and reforming our basic democratic institutions and processes in order to restore the legitimacy of democratic institutions in Illinois. The overall purpose of the Illinois Democracy Project is to assist in strengthening democratic institutions and processes in Illinois, including citizen participation. The goals of the project include improving access to and participation in elections and government at all levels, improving the quality of Illinois' electoral, legislative, executive, and judicial processes, improving civic education and encouraging civic engagement, improving the public policy content of news media coverage of political campaigns and government actions, improving the quality and effectiveness of public officials and increasing UIS student understanding and involvement in democratic institutions and processes. We will develop research, training and outreach projects in areas such as civic engagement, civic education, money in politics, political ethics and political corruption, elections reform, the administration of justice, judicial elections, media coverage and training and leadership and advocacy training. The Illinois Democracy Project will incorporate and build on current activities such as the annual public policy summits, State Week in Review, the Sunshine Project and the Paul Simon Essay presented by Illinois Issues.

Lincoln Legacy Lecture Series: Springfield

Each year, UIS' Lincoln Legacy Lecture Series (sponsored by the Center for State Policy and Leadership) brings nationally renowned scholars to Springfield to present lectures on public policy issues that are of contemporary interest and that also engaged Abraham Lincoln and the citizens of his era. Speakers focus on the topic's modern form as well as how Lincoln addressed it. Support for lectures, conferences, seminars and workshops is needed.

Pre-Law Center: Springfield

The Pre-Law Center is an informational resource for UIS and for its students who are considering a career in law or a related field.

Public Policy Summit: Springfield

Another Center for State Policy and Leadership-sponsored event, the summit is for teachers, students, business and. government representatives and anyone interested in public policy. Development funds will go towards supporting conferences, seminars and workshops.

Scholars-in-Residence: Springfield

Scholars-in-residence visit UIS to teach one or more courses and stay in residence for a specified period of time. The program can have a significant impact on UIS.

Science Laboratory Support: Springfield

Support is needed to increase the laboratory facilities available at UIS.

Student Affairs Leadership Program: Springfield

UIS supports faculty and staff who work to produce graduates who write, speak and think critically and who are skilled and knowledgeable. The Student Affairs Leadership Program helps foster support leadership opportunities for undergraduates, awards, scholarships, new facility development and funding for talented students and student organizations.

Student Internships and Service Learning Support: Springfield

Internships and service learning are experiential opportunities for students to learn by doing and provide a significant funding source for qualified students.

Student Research Support: Springfield

Funds for additional research support for students is needed by UIS.

Student Support: Springfield

UIS continues to build a campus that offers excellence in education, student leadership opportunities and a diverse campus environment that promotes student success. Support is welcome for existing undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships, or to establish a brand new fund to benefit students and/or honor an instructor or loved-one.

Sustainable Energy Initiative: Springfield

UIS, like many institutions, is looking to sustainable energy and environmentally friendly products to both reduce consumption and conserve valuable resources. Future plans include the addition of wind and solar power, as well as green-building upgrades. These features will not only be used for production, but also be used in classroom instruction and will open doors for faculty and student research, as well as opportunities for public awareness activities relating to alternative and sustainable energies.

Theater and Visual Arts Spaces and Facilties: Springfield

Equipment, space, safety and facilities available to the Visual Arts program are serious issues. Future plans at UIS include a new visual arts building faca‡de and larger performance studios and to provide adequate museum/exhibit space as part of the Brookens Library renovation for traveling and professional exhibits. Plans are also in place to identify and acquire equipment, add storage space and provide or build additional rooms for performance and practice (rehearsal) venues for the performing arts.The expansions will benefit students, the greater campus and the local arts community.

Unrestricted Funds: Springfield

Unrestricted funds are those received from the donor with no limitations on how the gift is to be used. Unrestricted gifts are often considered the most powerful form of private support because they permit the University to act with operational and intellectual flexibility based on current need. Unrestricted funds are vital for initiatives and projects for which other sources of funding may be unavailable or inadequate. Unrestricted support is often used for student assistance, faculty support, research aid and the purchase of books, collections and supplies, as well as enhanced technological capability. Please consider making all or a portion of your gift unrestricted to help provide discretionary funding that will assist the University to adequately meet unexpected needs and opportunities as they arise. You may allocate your unrestricted gift in a number of ways; you may choose to make an unrestricted gift to the campus of your choice, or to a specific college, department or unit that you'd like to support.

Visiting Faculty and Exchanges: Springfield

Faculty development plays a big part in keeping UIS faculty competitive. Funds are needed to bring in industry experts and faculty members from other schools to share their knowledge with UIS faculty through conferences, seminars, workshops and faculty fellowships.

WUIS Equipment and Facilities: Springfield

WUIS plans to open a Performing Arts Studio by 2008. The project is to be fully and solely funded by listener contributions. The new 900-square-foot studio will include microphones for 12 voices or instruments and a quality technical recording booth. The studio will have seating for live audiences as well as a piano, and will be used by musicians, political/issue panel discussions and community members who seek to reserve studio space for their creative endeavors. WUIS is also seeking donations/contributions towards equipment for the new space.