Memorials & Tributes

Honor a loved one. Support the University.

Commemorative gifts are a thoughtful way to honor or memorialize a loved one while supporting a cause you believe in. Your memorial gift can establish an endowment, renew a scholarship, or help fund other projects.

There are several ways to establish a memorial gift, including:

  • Making an outright gift to fund at any time
  • Making a bequest in your will to provide funding after your lifetime
  • Setting up an endowment to fund a special program or project in perpetuity

How you or your loved one will be recognized

Recognition for a memorial or tribute depends on the gift, but may include:

  • Honoree’s name engraved on a plaque
  • Building named after honoree, solely or along with other honorees
  • Endowed fund named after honoree
  • Scholarship named after honoree

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