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University of Illinois, U of I Foundation Extend Fundraising Success

Oct 03, 2015 12:00 PM

For 80 years, the University of Illinois Foundation and the University of Illinois have worked together to secure and manage private gifts from donors who are committed to the University and advancing its excellence in teaching, research, and public engagement.

Figures for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2015, were announced Friday, Oct. 2, at the Foundation’s Annual Business Meeting, with about 300 alumni and donors, including elected Foundation Board of Directors, Foundation Members, members of the President’s Council, and members of the Chancellor’s Circle, in attendance.

The University and U of I Foundation registered $251.5 million in outright cash gifts, pledge payments, annuities/life income gifts, and estate distributions in FY 2015, noted Walter Knorr, U of I chief financial officer and treasurer of the U of I Foundation. The FY 2015 cash flow total represents a nearly record year of support for each of the University’s three distinct campuses.

Of the $251.5 million raised last fiscal year, foundations were the largest donor source at 30 percent, followed by corporations (23.8%), alumni (22.3%), friends (9.8%), and other sources (14.1%).

Donors designated $66.2 million for research, $44.7 million for academic programs, $33 million for student support, $23.2 million for facilities, $14 million for public service, $8.8 million for faculty support, and $3.8 million for other areas. Of the $251.5 million, $57.8 million was designated by donors to campuses, colleges or departments for their unrestricted use.

The majority (74%, or $186.1 million) of the $251.5 million was designated as current use funds (to be used during the current fiscal year), 24.5 percent ($61.5 million) was designated for the endowment, and 1.5 percent ($3.9 million) was designated for annuity/life income funds.

The University and U of I Foundation also recorded $295.5 million in new business, comprised of new gifts, grants, pledges and deferred commitments, in FY 2015. This marks the ninth consecutive year that new business has surpassed the $250 million mark and a 12.6% increase over last year. Of the new business total, $95.7 million was provided by alumni, $79.5 million by foundations, $57 million by corporations, $25.8 million by friends, and $37.5 million by other sources.

The U of I Foundation processed 157,964 gifts in FY 2015, a 4.4% percent increase from a year ago.

The combined endowment pool has experienced exponential growth since dipping below $1 billion in 2008. The University and U of I Foundation combined active endowment and life income pool stood at $2.5 billion as of June 30, 2015. Of that total, almost $2.4 billion represents the active endowment and $139.8 million is irrevocable deferred, earmarked by donors for endowment purposes. In addition, $782.4 million of revocable deferred assets were also designated for endowment purposes. Almost 90 percent of the combined active endowment is pooled investments that now total more than $2 billion. The one-year preliminary return of the endowment pool (for FY 2015) was 2.5 percent. The three-year return was 10.2 percent and the five-year return was 10.8 percent.

President Timothy L. Killeen said private giving is the margin of difference that maintains the University’s excellence, supporting opportunities that transform the lives of students and programs that lift society.

“The University of Illinois is an engine of progress – a large-scale incubator of the highly skilled workforce and groundbreaking innovation that drives economic growth for our state and our nation,” Killeen said. “Our donors are critical partners in our success, ensuring continued innovation and the fulfillment of our land-grant mission into the 21st century.”

“The University’s alumni, friends and community partners have once again demonstrated the importance of investing in higher education and the University of Illinois,” said James H, Moore, Jr. “The outpouring of support from our donors is also an expression of their confidence and pride in the University, our students and faculty. We are grateful for their important and continued investments in our future.”

About the University of Illinois and the UI Foundation: The University of Illinois is a world leader in research and discovery, the largest educational institution in the state with more than 78,000 students, and campuses in Urbana-Champaign, Chicago and Springfield. The U of I awards more than 20,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees annually. The University of Illinois Foundation, established in 1935, is dedicated to securing and administering private gifts for the University of Illinois and its three campuses.

For additional information, contact:
Chad Ruback
Vice President for Marketing and Donor Engagement
University of Illinois Foundation

Cash Flow by Source $ Millions %
Foundations $75.4 30.0%
Corporations $59.9 23.8%
Alumni $56.2 22.3%
Friends $24.5 9.8%
Other $35.5 14.1%
Total $251.5 100%
*Cash Flow includes outright cash gifts, pledge payments, annuities/life income gifts, and estate distributions in FY 2015.
Purpose Designated by Donor $ Millions %
Research $66.2 26.3%
Academic Programs $44.7 17.8%
Student Support $33.0 13.1%
Facilities $23.2 9.2%
Public Service $14.0 5.6%
Faculty Support $  8.8 3.5%
Other Areas $  3.8 1.5%
Unrestricted $57.8 23.0%
Total $251.5 100%
*Purpose Designated whereby Donor selects purpose for which the fund will be used by campuses, colleges or departments.
New Business by Source $ Millions %
Alumni $95.7 32.4%
Foundations $79.5 26.9%
Corporations $57.0 19.3%
Friends $25.8 8.7%
Other $37.5 12.7%
Total $295.5 100%
*New Business includes new gifts, grants, pledges and deferred commitments in FY 2015.