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The University of Illinois Foundation (UIF or Foundation) is the official fundraising and private gift-receiving organization for the University of Illinois and its three campuses at Urbana-Champaign, Chicago and Springfield.

UIF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation responsible for encouraging and administering private gifts made in furtherance of University’s mission.

UIF works closely with alumni, friends, faculty, staff, corporations, foundations and campus development professionals to create fundraising programs and opportunities that benefit the University and support excellence in teaching, research, and public engagement.

Please be aware of the University of Illinois Foundation Supplemental Privacy Policy (“Supplemental Policy”) that supplements this Privacy Policy. The Supplemental Policy applies generally to the provision of personal information by individuals in the European Economic Area. The Supplemental Policy explains how the Foundation meets its obligations under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation with respect to such information. The Supplemental Policy can be found at


Collection of information is limited to publicly available sources, correspondence, and constituent relationships, including information from donor engagement and fundraising activities. Information gathered is used in pursuit of the institutional mission and goals of the University of Illinois Foundation, University of Illinois Alumni Association (UIAA) and the University and its programs. This information may be shared with University of Illinois development, the UIAA, University administration, affiliated organizations, authorized users, and third party contractual partners such as vendors for data services or marketing purposes.

In addition, we may share information as:

  • permitted by University of Illinois Foundation and University of Illinois policies;
  • consent is given by the individual;
  • authorized by an approved Foundation, University of Illinois, or University of Illinois Alumni Association contract for service;
  • permitted by law.

Information collected and stored is not sold, rented, marketed or allowed to be used in a manner inconsistent with the mission and goals of UIF, UIAA and the University of Illinois.


The University of Illinois Foundation maintains physical and electronic safeguards to protect against the loss or misuse of data under our control. These safeguards include restricted access to computer systems, firewalls, encryption, and secure authentication methods. Information is always transferred to authorized users in a secure, password protected manner.

While we use reasonable efforts to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure, we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information as no method of transmission over the Internet or method of electronic storage is fully secure. In the event we are required by law to inform you of a breach to your personal information, we will notify you electronically, in writing, or by telephone, if legally permitted.

If donors choose to make an online gift, they will be directed to a UIF form and content is processed by our payment card acquirer.

For questions about online giving contact:


The University of Illinois Foundation is committed to the ethical collection and use of information in the pursuit of legitimate institutional goals. We support and further the individual’s fundamental right to privacy. Foundation employees are trained on issues of privacy and security. Vendors are required to have contracts with controls on data use and are prohibited from selling or repurposing constituent data.


Cookies are small pieces of data stored by a Web browser on a user’s computer. Cookies are often used to retain information about preferences and pages a user has visited. For example, when a user visits some sites on the Web, one might see a “Welcome Back” message. We may also use technologies such as our own cookies to provide you with personalized display advertising tailored to your interests. The first time one visited the site a cookie was probably stored on the user’s computer; when the user returns, the cookie is read again. One can refuse to accept cookies, one can disable cookies, and one can remove cookies from one’s hard drive.


The Foundation may use technologies such as permanent cookies and web beacons/pixel tags prepared by us or our third party contractors to provide you with personalized Foundation display advertising and promotional material containing information about the Foundation, the University of Illinois and its people and programs tailored to your interests. To opt out of this advertising and promotional material, contact:

We may also use the services of third parties to collect and use anonymous information about you and your visits to, and interactions with, our website and the website of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign through the use of technologies such as cookies to personalize advertisements and promotional materials for goods and services. To learn more, visit the Network Advertising Initiative at


The following describes the types of Cookies that we may use and what they are used for:

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies: Some Cookies are essential in order to enable you to navigate our Website and use its main features. Where such Cookies may be strictly necessary to receive a particular service you have asked for or to enable you to view or use our Website, we would not need to ask your permission to use them.
  2. Performance Cookies: These Cookies collect information about user visits to our Website, for instance which pages that visitors go to most often. Some of these Performance Cookies are ‘analytics’ cookies, using third party software tools, which help us understand more about how our Website is used and where visitors come from. For example, we use Google Analytics to help us monitor visitor traffic to our Website – for more information about this, please see here: Performance Cookies do not collect information that personally identifies a visitor by name so these should not materially impact on your privacy. We might use Performance Cookies to highlight information which we think will be of particular interest to you, based on your previous interaction with our Website.
  3. Functionality Cookies: This describes Cookies that allow our Website to remember information from your previous visit, such as details you submitted before or your previously stated preferences. For example, when you complete a registration form and you tick the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox, we will use a Cookie to remember your details, if you choose to complete another form and select those details, without you having to re-enter them. These Cookies may also be used to provide services you request such as newsletters or publications. Such a Cookie may also be used to set the background image across the Website. This will remember which image was displayed to you the last time you visited our Website and will display the next image (in a set order) on your next visit.
  4. Third Party Cookies Our Website may also allow third parties to download Cookies to your device. For example if you choose to ‘share’ a page or article from our Website with friends through a third party site such as a social network, you may be sent Cookies from these third party websites which we have no control over. You should check a third party website’s privacy policy or terms of use for more information about their use of Cookies.


The Foundation is committed to complying with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). The Foundation does not knowingly collect information on children under 13 years of age without the consent of a parent or guardian. Users under the age of 13 and their parents and guardians are cautioned that the collection of personal information volunteered by children online or by e-mail will be treated the same as information given by an adult until the Foundation becomes aware that the user is under the age of 13.


Periodically we will change our policy and any changes to that policy will be posted on this page. If you have any questions please contact us at



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Reviewed March 2023