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U of I System Campaign Progress as of 6.30.19

2018 Annual Report

FY18 Annual Report

Check out the University of Illinois Foundation's Annual Report for details on the historic fund-raising success in Fiscal Year 2018, campaign progress updates, an endowment report from our investment office, and much more!

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Tower Bridge - London

University of Illinois Foundation UK Limited Fully Operational in the United Kingdom

The UIUK Foundation was set up by the University of Illinois Foundation to allow University of Illinois alumni and friends living in the United Kingdom and Europe to efficiently support higher education and to maximize the value of their charitable support through tax incentives available in the UK other European countries.

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With Illinois | The Campaign for UIUIC

With Illinois

We’ve been built this way from the beginning—to serve the state and its people, and bring the whole world right along with us. Our past and future are tied together through immeasurable impact, made matter-of-factly. This is no myth. It’s a phenomenon. And it lives within all of us. Together. With you. With Illinois.


Ignite | The Campaign for UIC


The glimmer in our eye is borne from the fire in our belly. The motivation to scan the skyline and say, “go higher.” The determination to celebrate differences and not be bound by circumstance. The audacity to say we’re the ones who will care for this city and cure disease for the world. Our energy is incendiary—and it all starts with a single spark.


Reaching Stellar | The Campaign for UIS

Reaching Stellar

Over time and through change remains one constant—a tradition of untraditional. Fueled by the notion that teachers should teach, it’s never too late to go back to college, and a classroom is defined more by the character of those in it than the physical space it occupies. The University of Illinois at Springfield forms leaders from often unlikely places and propels people forward from all different walks of life.